Partnership with Reef.Finance

Reef is a DeFi operating system — a permission-less smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine where any financial hub can integrate into. Powered by Polkadot, it shares its security model with the ecosystem, and enables cross-chain integrations across top DeFi protocols. Reef gives the retail investor access to the DeFi landscape with a very low technical barrier of entry while at the same time it augments the decision making process based on user’s risk levels… This should be a good partnership as this will bring a good user base and bring up the tvl of wing tremendous.


That is awesome hell yeah wing should partner up with them. And or we should have Wing partner with Binance Smart Chain and pancakeswap since this is what’s on fire in the defi space and everyone knows it.


I can’t find any negative outcomes from this partnership.
Let’s do this! :mechanical_arm:

I think it is a good way to increase total TVL. Total agree with it

I agree too partnerships are always welcome!

Awesome! Let’s get in touch with Reef!

Hi Yuki, Reef is coming out with their own chain called Reefchain and that goes live when their mainnet goes live and that’s this month , we don’t need ethereum were we could run are protocol threw there chain . :slight_smile:

That’s great, I think we can try to contact them for cooperation.

I think there are many other EVM-based environments that Wing can migrate to, including Polygon, xDai, or BSC. What kind of advantage does ReefChain have?

Will bid on a polkadot parachain and will be also bidding for the auction slots for KSM . Over 100k+ twitter followers and the most important part is that it makes defi entry very eazy for the non defi users around the world .