WIP-25 WING locked by borrowers should be counted in votes (For)

At present votes are counted based on the number of WING held by the voters in their wallet or in the Insurance Pool, which does not include the number of WING locked by borrowers to earn WING incentives in the Flash Pool.

The WING locked by borrowers are still owned by themselves. And these locked WINGs cannot be used by others, which is different from WING locked in the Supply Pool. Thus I think that WING locked by borrowers should be counted in votes. In addition, this would expand usage of WING, which is beneficial to the development of Wing.

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I totally agree with this proposal. We have around 100k WINGs locked by borrowers. And these votes will represent the borrowers ideas. They’re an essential part of Wing projects and we could hear more voices and ideas from them with this change.

Agreed! Great idea…

I agree. There’s no reason not to count.

That’s a good point. Those borrowers who lock WING to earn WING incentives are likely to care about the development of Wing. It’s fair to count those locked WING tokens.

It makes sense to me.

WING tokens locked by borrowers are similar to those locked in the insurance pool and therefore should be counted as well.

i agree with this and i don’t see any reason not to agree.

Couldn’t agree more!

These votes may affect the results of the voting, and the locked WINGs are similar to the WINGs in the insurance pool. Why can’t it be counted as votes?

This is wayyyyyy to late, but good idea