WIP Voting Reward

For long term holding. 60-65% is high APR in defi zone. Users simply cast their vote and earn reward better than insurance and forget them for a long time with no contribute for Wing grownth

If no thing to vote, we can just have WIP voting at 15th and 30th everymonth to decide should we distribute WIP voting reward to participants at the end of everymonth. It’s ll be a timeline for users to comback to Wing community and research about what news every 2 weeks with a reward for them

This is also a kind of lock, similar to the function of the insurance pool, we do not need to do a second 30% APR lock pool. I think what Wing should do is to optimize the insurance pool, lock more WING, and achieve the effect of more people holding it for a longer time.

Of course, we can also reward those who participated in the vote through community events first, APR 30%, the voting addresses without participating in Insure and WING locked can get rewards. We can try community events like this, and the rewards come from market funds.

Through this event, we can see the effect of such incentives. If the effect is good, it can be held as a long-term campaign.

That right, we should have a way attract more users get in Wing Finance, Most other Defi offering about 60% APR with single staking pool but Wing only 30%

Yeah, If WING becomes valuable, APR will increase, too.