1 Year Vesting for WING Rewards

Synthetix.io has a 2-part rewards system for their stakers.

  • The sUSD is the real cashflow of the project - trading fees from Synthetix.Exchange. That’s given directly to the stakers with no lockup.
  • The SNX rewards is on top of sUSD fees and that has a year-long vesting lockup.

What do you think about a 1 year vesting schedule for WING APYs in lending / borrowing. Regular APY’s and APR’s remain the same with no lockup.

Could be implemented for lending, borrowing, insurance, or any combination of the 3.

Vesting scares away farmers and dumpers. It’s good for long-term holders.

People farm and dump COMP and soon when the LEND -> AAVE migration is completed and AAVE farming starts, I worry that AAVE will be farmed and dumped as well.

But they are big name brands with big market caps that can handle farmers and dumpers. Wing, not so much.

I suggest implementing for lenders. We want to incentivize borrowers as that generates real-cash flow so their WING APY should remain unlocked. Insurers take the biggest risk and WING APY is their only form of reward so their WING APY should remain unlocked.


We do need to figure out something to reward long term holder of WING

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Curve has more options from days up to 4 years. Please reference it.

And curve has suffered for their model quite a lot.

There should be a vesting for all pools, IMHO. Insurers taking on the biggest risk makes sense to me as having the lowest unlock schedule, IMHO, maybe of 7 days. Even 7 days will prevent some amount of “timing the market” and improving long term holding. 30 days for borrowers, and 3 months for lenders would be my suggestion.

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I’d like to see a function where users can lock up there finds for as long as they see fit. Many of us are guilty of selling projects way too soon.