375,000 WING spending opinions

The first unlocking of the Wing DAO Community Fund has been completed, with 375,000 WING from the Community Fund Escrow account having been transferred to the Community Fund address at:


I hope that the funds will be used to log in to more exchanges, such as:
Huobi Global
Coinbase Pro


Please spend 50000 wing hosting a trading competition on Binance. It would be a spectacle. With a lots of traders attracted to wing. Then when the value of wing increase rest of the 325000 wing would be worth more than the previous 375000 wings. Use the 325000 wing for rest of the options.

Be smart about it and we can play the right hand.

We need to list on more exchanges to let more people know WING.

Exactly but the payment exchanges accept is USD . If we start a trading competition the price will rise which will give wing more value and 325000 wing at 60 dollars will be worth more than 375000 at 42 dollars. Play it smart and put it to vote at least

Trading competitions can only increase prices for a short period of time. If they can be listed on more exchanges one after another, they can keep rising for a long time.

More exchange listings will come in time. I wouldn’t support allocating WING to this.

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Can be used as a reward to increase the attractiveness of new exchanges.

It takes a lot of money to go to the exchange, and it doesn’t make sense to go to some exchanges that are not of good quality. Now Binance, Okex, MXC, Gate.io supported by WING can meet the needs of users.

I think the unlocked 375k can be spent on more meaningful things, such as providing WING liquidity and facilitating user redemption. If there are more channels, new users will come to participate in Wing.