Add Doodles and Moonbirds to the NFT Pool

Currently, Wing has supported six blue-chip NTFs to be collateralized, and lots of NFT holders have already collateralized their NFTs and borrowed in the NFT pool. However, there are still other good NFTs that deserve our attention and evaluation.

For example, Doodles and Moonbirds are also the most valuable and popular NFTs in the market today. Doodles, which currently has a floor price of 9 ETH ( Moonbirds, which has a floor price of 14.55 ETH and 90 day average price of 23 ETH ( In addition, these two NFTS both have performed well recently and have shown no significant volatility.

So should we add Doodles and Moonbirds to our NFT Pool for collateralizing? Feel free to share your ideas!


Yes it’s very good and it will help with getting more NFTs to get into the pools.


Both NFT performance look good while bear market. Potential for their user adding more value


A lot of friends have told me that they hope to add Moonbird and Doodles to Wing NFT Pool, and I think it should be supported immediately!

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That’s great! We can expand the NFT Pool Market, attracting more users to participate in Wing.

Not bad. These two NFTs are also blue-chip, and recognized by the market.

Cool, I like Doodles.

Adding more NFTs is definitely something to be done.These two are good!

I agree, hope will add cool cats later

More opportunities for others to participate in Wing NFT Pool and therefore improve Wing’s TVL

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Why voting fail? Some info about this?

Hello, not enough votes to reach 20,000

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