Add MBL to the Wing Flash Pool (Ontology)

1、 Borrowing rates at Gateio MBL often stand at 20-80%(Have a borrowing need,
2、 This is the asset on the Ontology chain( Original chain assets are easier to trade)
3、The token can be traded on Binance /Gateio/…(Have plenty of liquidity)

The demand for this asset is very small. Does it have any applications?

1、Because it is original chain assets, all circulation is convenient。 At least a lot more convenient than cross-chain assets like YFIs
2、Perennially high borrowing rates on Gateio prove that there is demand for it ( This high interest rate is not short term, is the verification of 2 years, experienced bull market bear market verification )

Wing is a loan project, and if there is loan, there is income

Although it is an original chain asset, its market value is not high and the risk is relatively high.
It just shows in project and the liquidity is insufficient, and other lending projects rarely appear, unlike YFI and other less risky assets.

Safety is the first priority and will not put users’ assets in an insecure situation for income.