Add more assets to Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum)

In order to attract more users, we recommend adding more assets to Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum), so I did some research and seclected some candidate assets. These assets have a high market value and many integrations in popular DeFi projects.

Adding more assets to Wing Flash Pool (Ethereum) would be beneficial to the Wing ecosystem.

Here are the candidate assets:

What do you think about that? Feel free to have your say!

CRV is good but hard since you can hardly attract CRV supply. Staking CRV in yield protocols is much more rewarding.

UNI and LINK are good, UNI is the NO.1 in DEXs and LINK is the NO.1 in Oracles.

Adding more assets can attract users from other ecosystems to participate in Wing, which is a low-cost marketing plan.

Go ahead!

I think xSUSHI is better than SUSHI since of compounding rewards.

SNX is good, Synthetix has performed very well in the field of synthetic assets.

SUSD runs well in Ontology Flash Pool. Correspondingly, I think SUSD should also be added to the Ethereum Flash Pool.

We need to set reasonable parameters for these assets. How much will the Collateral Factor,Liquidation Bonus and the Reserve Factors of these assets be set?

I support LINK, UNI, BAL, SNX, SUSD, xSUSHI. Meanwhile YFI and CRV are good projects too, but I doubt that there’ll be sufficient amount since most tokens are staked in their own projects.

According to Parameters Standardization Models, parameters are suggested as following:

Collateral Factor:
LINK 65%
UNI 55%
BAL 45%
SNX 50%
SUSD 60%
xSUSHI 50%

Liquidation discount:
UNI 8%
BAL 10%
SNX 8%

Reserve Factor
LINK 20%
UNI 20%
BAL 25%
SNX 25%
SUSD 20%
xSUSHI 25%

Totally agree, I’m looking forward to these 6 new assets.

Will adding assets in Ethereum Flash Pool increase the gas fee of all the operation?

It may increase the gas fee of claiming WING incentives. Now the reason of expensive gas fee is mainly the high price of ETH.

These new assets will attract more users to participates in Wing. What we need to do should find the way to decrease the gas consumed.