Add ONG to the Wing Flash Pool (BSC) for supplying and borrowing

ONG is the native asset of the Ontology chain, with a market value of over 190 million USD

ONG has performed well since adding to Wing Flash Pool (Ontology) for supplying and borrowing. Now the total supply in the Ontology pool has reached $6.68 million, which shows that users have demand for ONG’s loans.

Now, ONG can cross-chain to BSC through PolyNetwork, and has been listed on multiple DEXs on BSC, such as BabySwap and ApeSwap. The liquidity of ONG-USDT on BabySwap has reached $193k, while the liquidity of ONG-BNB in ​​ApeSwap has reached $118k.

In the future, ONG will also actively expand the ecosystem on BSC. In addition, ChainLink has launched the price feed of ONG on BSC (Oracle: ONG / USD price today | Chainlink), Wing should add ONG to Wing Flash Pool (BSC) for supplying and borrowing as soon as possible , becoming the first DeFi lending platform that supports ONG borrowing and lending on BSC, taking the first-mover advantage.

Suggested parameters:

Collateral Factor:50%
Liquidity Bonus:8%
Reserve Factor:25%

What do you think? Feel free to have your say here.

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Looking forward to add ONG to Wing Flash Pool (BSC), there’s more room to play :smiley: :grinning:

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Great, ONG will attract more users to participate in Wing! I totally agree.

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Go ahead, that is what I want, I hold ONG and happy to see Wing list ONG on BSC pool!

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This will be awesome…looking forward to it

Sounds good! It’s an opportunity to introduce Wing to ONG(BEP-20) holders. Just do it.

I am not sure… But it seems like not a bad thing?

Maybe it will open up a bigger market for Wing. Will boost Wing’s TVL, I think!

ASAP. I really want ONG on BSC so I do not need to go back to Ontology pool for borrowing.

Wing will be getting more business. It’s a beneficial thing.

Expand Ontology Ecosystem more!