Add QC at Wing platform

QCash, known as QC, is currently one of the largest stablecoins with the largest volume except USDT. By adding QC at WING platform will supply additional liquidity and also bring a large number of investors from Asia who are accustomed to using QC. There are many DeFi platforms have supported QC. For example, ForTube, Bridge Protocol and Deipool have supported QC liquidity mining, and some other platforms are integrating QC.

QCash(QC) is a 1:1 stablecoin anchored to offshore CNY, issued by QuickCash. QuickCash is one of the world’s first stablecoin solutions providers and issued Qcash(QC) by pledging digital assets. With the tenet of decentralization, free circulation, stable exchange rate and safety and compliance, QuickCash provides the market with better stablecoins and is committed to creating a frictionless and faster global transaction network.

QCash (QC) has been listed on more than 30 exchanges included,,, and many other crypto exchanges. QC is also adopted by many world’s leading price-tracking website for cryptoassets such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coincodex, Nomics, etc.
I believe having QC in WING platform will benefit both WING and QCash. Let’s take action.


I finally saw someone suggesting a QC proposal! Compared with USDT, QC is really better. Believe me, QC has a huge user base. I really hope that this proposal can be passed.


Thank you! I made this proposal because I can’t forget the experience of using QC, it’s really perfect. I also hope to be able to use QC in Wing, which can bring wider applications and richer users to Wing, which is very conducive to the development of Wing in Asia. This will also bring good returns to our users, and it is a good way for the platform and the users.@BIGBEN


I believe that if someone sees this post, they will seriously consider your proposal.

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Especially in China’s stability currency, QC is the most commonly used stability currency except USDT. And QC becomes the main pledge for DeFi mining.

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I think it can be tried

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To be honest, as an investor who has lived in Asia for two or three years and moved around in Asian countries for work reasons, it can be said that QC does have a very large user base throughout Asia. At least QC is very convenient for investors like us. I believe that if WING introduces QC assets, it will definitely attract a lot of international investors. And this must be great news for users who use WING.

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We have the same opinion. @osss111

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Yes. In fact, it is not only China, but also QC is widely used throughout Asia. @Helen

This would allow for cross currency stablecoin lending, which is very attractive. I def support this.


thank you for your support. I really feel that introducing QC assets is a good move for WING. @KenNinja

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QC is very good, and I support it

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I think that adding QC to the WING platform can get a lot of support from Chinese users, which will benefit WING.

so cool,I like! :smile:

I’ve heard some risks about both and QC coin. was closed for a while last month.
Since Chinese government recently released their own cryptocurrency DCEP and the policy to ban cryptocurrencies especially unofficial e-RMB.
I don’t think it’s a good time to support QC on Wing.

Neither do I. Too much risk to add this dangerous coin. ONG should be with more priority!!!

Hmm, tricky. I googled it and found this on

“Due to Chinese Regulatory compliance, CHBTC had ceased all trading activity on 30th September, 2017. CHBTC dismissed the Chinese operation team and let the overseas operation team take over. Since then, CHBTC changed its name to ZB .com and focus on international operation.”

How can we be sure this won’t happen again? Will dismissing Chinese operation team help eliminate the risks?

Personally, placing only Chinese-friendly coins on the platform is a bad choice. SUSD is also can buy only on Kucoin. It is difficult to access.

don’t forget DEXs, try 1inch to get SUSD

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Trying something new and risky is the only way to save this project. It’s simply being dumped, trying something and if it works then BANG… If not either ways its going down.

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