Add Stellar(XLM) and XRP to Ontology Flash pool

I propose adding Stellar(XLM) and XRP to the Ontology Flash pool:

  1. These two assets have good liquidity, high market cap, low transaction fees, high accessibility, a large user base and partnerships with many financial institutions.
  2. Adding XLM and XRP could greatly increase the TVL and profile of Wing finance.
  3. Both assets currently have no native staking functionality, low interest APY on exchanges and few defi lending platforms that support them.
  4. Adding XLM and XRP would attract new users to Wing DAO and the Ontology network.
  5. Wing finance users can then use XLM and XRP for collateral and loans.

For the above reasons, I propose adding Stellar(XLM) and XRP to the Ontology Flash pool.

XRP will be added to Wing Flash Pool (BSC), it will be launched on Mid-November.

XLM needs to consider.

Thanks for the reply Yuki.
Good to hear, sounds like the team has been busy. Mid Nov is only 3 weeks away.
Will be interesting to see what is on offer in the BSC pool. Would we expect the BSC pool fees and the speed of transactions to be comparable to the Ontology pool?

XLM is being used to run central bank digital currencies (i.e. in Ukraine), as payments for retail and for crossborder payments (i.e. moneygram). Good one to add. Would be good to see PAXG in the Ontology pool as well if that is possible.

Both tokens are on their own chain and network. So a cross chain solution is a precondition for both token supported in Wing. Since Binance Bridge supports XRP on BSC, we can start with that for Wing Flash Pool (BSC).

Thanks, I’m looking forward to the launch of the BSC pool. I will be supplying XRP, you can be certain of that! Will ONT be available for borrowing in the BSC pool? Cheers.

Yes, ONT are available for borrowing in the BSC pool.