Add UP to WING platform

I’d like to see UP added to WING marketplace. Currently you can supply WING on Unifi in it’s Liquidity pool to earn UP. I think same should be done on WING platform: Supply UP, earn WING; Borrow UP/WING from Wingfi, Supply to Unifi pool, earn UP… etc.

Being that both of these platforms are still so new, I think this could offer a simple yet effective use case. Also, I feel that this could open up more potential of new active users, which in turn, may also open room for more use cases and ideas for and from both platforms.


I don’t disagree, but I personally would rather focus resources on supporting tokens with a much larger userbase.

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Lot’s going on now at Unifi. I’d like to see either UP or UNFI or both considered. Either one would be a strong add to WING platform, imho.

Read more about what’s happening at UNIFI here

Here are some use case examples using WING and UNIFI platforms:

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I agree. I think that supporting more Ontology native tokens is important for the growth of the Ontology DeFi ecosystem.

Unifi is also a cross-chain project which is gaining a lot of attention as Ryan mentioned.

Lastly, adding UP would incentivize liquidity providers to uTrade, including to the WING-ONTd pair, since you could earn then lend UP. This increases demand for WING since more fees would be paid out to WING-ONTd LPs rather than centralized exchanges.

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I think Wing could have their own pool for token swaps :slight_smile: