Allocate 100 Wing to list on VITEX

Vitex a DEX on VITE Chain - Anyone can list their token on this with a minimum 10k vite required for this. 100 Wing is enough to list Wing on VITEX. This can build further partnership with VITE TEAM. Vite is first DAG based chain with no transactions fee. Team can research more on this.
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Who will cross chain WING to VITE chian?

No need for Cross-Chain, You can list ERC20 and Bep20 version on ViteX. Many other coins there are using the same.

yeah vite does that on their end they also have operators that run the trading pair as well. i would rather oep-wing be listed there if anything as they could easily do it and with lower gas cost. personally as a user of ViteX i would provide some significant volume. normally volume for exotic pairs are pretty low.

Could you show me the official website? I’ll check and try to contact them.