Allocate 15K WING to continue the liquidity mining events for pWING and oneWING

In April, 375K WING tokens were unlocked from the escrow community fund. We should consider how to use this asset to make the Wing project obtain a higher TVL and greater market cap.

I propose to continue the current liquidity mining events with 15K WING.

The current liquidity mining events are:

pWING-ETH liquidity mining
The reward distribution is about to ends on Apr 6. The pWING-ETH liquidity mining event has achieved great success, with an APY of 198%. The current pWING-ETH trading pair liquidity exceeds $1.21 million.
ETH is the gas fee on Ethereum, providing pWING-ETH liquidity will facilitate users to exchange and participate in various Wing projects.

oneWING-USDC liquidity mining on ICHI
The reward distribution is about to ends on Apr 21. The APY of oneWING-USDC liquidity mining exceeds 210%, and the current TVL of pWING-pONT trading pair liquidity exceeds $370K;

On all major DeFi platforms including Wing, stablecoins have a high degree of participation in lending events. DAI, USDT, USDC and sUSD can all be used to participate in supplying and borrowing on Wing. Participants of stablecoins can get rich returns with little risk.
With oneWING, a stablecoin issued based on WING, users who originally borrowed third-party stablecoins can borrow oneWING without reducing their stability. The greater the amount of oneWINGs is, the greater the amount of locked WINGs will be, which will increase the scarcity of WINGs. This aligns the interests of stablecoin users and WING holders, thereby creating a synergy and positive feedback loop for the entire community.
oneWING is also a bold attempt to expand Wing’s ecosystem.

pWING-pONT liquidity mining
The reward distribution is about to ends on May 4. The APY of pWING-pONT liquidity mining APY exceeds 156%, and the current TVL of pWING-pONT trading pair liquidity exceeds $690K.
ONT is a native asset on the Ontology chain, and the increase in the value of ONT will drive the value growth of WING.

Ethereum version of WING will be launched soon. pWING, oneWING, pONT and ETH are all participating assets, so it is necessary to encourage users to provide liquidity for these LP.

In order to improving the liquidity of WING-related trading pairs, expand the scenes to be used of WING, prepare for the launch of the Ethereum version of Wing, and promote the development of Wing-related ecosystem, thereby enhancing Wing’s TVL and market value, I suggest that using 5K WING tokens on these three LPs for another 8 weeks.

Do you have any other good ideas? Feel free to leave a comment.

I think stablecoins do not bear the risk of currency price fluctuations, so the total amount of incentives does not need 5000 WINGs, 2500 will be enough.

I agree, it is important to encourage people to provide liquidity, since it will increase the market value of WING.

Combining the liquidity providing from community fund and extending the event shall stabilize the liquidity of WING. We could evaluate every month. First month could be 2k for pWING-pONT, pWING-ETH, WING-BNB (if possible) and 1k for oneWING-USDC