Allocate 50k WING from the Unlocked Community Fund to be used for marketing initiatives

According to WIP-12, the Wing team has allocated 35K of the WING tokens from the change in distribution rate to be used for marketing initiatives. With the 35k WING, Wing team organized a variety of marketing initiatives and campaigns, such as media exposure, influencers engagement, YouTubers, community campaigns and pWING liquidity mining campaign and etc., which enriched Wing’s ecology. Through these marketing initiatives and campaigns, Wing’s TVL has grown from $68 million to the current $213 million, which has more than tripled since WIP-12 passed. WING’s market cap has reached $101 million. Well-known KOLs such as DataDash, Lark Davis, Boxmining, Ivan on Tech, Crypto Love, Chico Crypto, Altcoin Buzz, Crypto Rand and etc. promoted Wing and expanded Wing’s influence. Wing is one of the first selected projects on OKExChain mainnet.

By the end of May, a total of 22,970.28 WING tokens were spent. We have listed out how and where these WING tokens are allocated on a monthly basis (check here)
Furthermore, 10,000 WING tokens would be used as incentives for pWING liquidity mining from June to August (check here), so there are only about 2,000 WING tokens left for other marketing initiatives and campaigns. According to the usage in the previous few months, it is not enough to support the market cost of one month. so I propose to unlock another 50k Wing from the Unlocked Community Fund for the team to use for marketing.

By unlocking a bulk at once for marketing, we won’t be slowed down by having to vote for each particular initiative or campaign. We will continue to use these WING tokens on the marketing initiatives and campaigns to make Wing grow bigger, make it be a valuable addition to the DeFi space!

Feel free to have your say here.


Love the idea lets send it.

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It’s reasonable, go ahead!

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More market expenses can do more things.

Let Wing go to the moon!

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Hope these WINGs can attract more people to participate in Wing.

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It’s a waste not to use the unlocked community fund. I agree to allocate 50k WING to be used for marketing initiatives.

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In the previous 35k WING market funds, we can see that the marketing department has made good use of the funds, making Wing thrive.

So I agree.

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I think it is necessary.

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Since Wing’s TVL has grown from $68 million to the current $213 million, I believe this is reasonable and it’s about time to scale things up a level. Building up a reputation along with strong TVL is the key.

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Wing is a great product which has some real application to real world. We need make more people know about Wing, not only the APY, but also Wing’s vision. These initiatives need money, so I’d love to see our community fund to be spent on right things instead of lying on the fund address.

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Marketing is essential to drive WING to the new hights. And I favor for this proposal.

Is marketing done by Ontology marketing team? Or should Wing have it’s own high profile CMO?
In my opinion building superb marketing team is way to go.

Will there be new features from the Roadmap for this marketing initiative?

Expansion into synthetic assets
Through strategic partnerships with synthetic assets platforms, Wing will be able to, upon evaluation and risk assessment, expand into the lending/borrowing of:

  • Synthetic derivatives of publicly-traded company stocks (TSLA, AAPL, MFST).
  • Synthetic derivatives of commodities (gold, silver, oil).
  • Synthetic derivatives of index funds (sDEFI, S&P 500).
    The first synthetic asset of a publicly-traded stock is expected to be listed on Ethereum Wing by Q2.

Yes, all that you said requires financial support, so this proposal is very important.

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Expenditure - Wing Docs check here for details