Angel - Super Governance Token (Low-supply or Non-Transferable?)



Basic draft proposal based on our telegram talks:

-Introduction of a very low supply super governance token that is exclusively minted by WING
-Limit to be in the range of sub 50k
-Acts as a reward to WING holders with potentially an increased rate for prolonged deposits?

With measures to protect ONT investors also.

And personally I think the name Angel fits this like a charm.

Let me know your thoughts.


As introduced by Andrei, the concept of a non-transferable token with no market value may be a preferable route.

-The longer liquidity is supplied to the pool via WING, the greater the amount of this new token is farmed.

-This non-transferable token then provides extra WING rewards & increased voting powers to those who are long-term investors in the project.

-Possibility to incentivise this with enhanced farming rates for certain periods as has been done with the initial launch of WING.

-This filters out the short-term opportunists to only reward supporters of the project.

-The new token essentially acts as a multiplier that requires long-term investment to reap any notable rewards.

-Prevents the extended dilution of & short-term overvaluation of WING.

-Perhaps include ONT protection by having some balance of liquidity supplies alongside WING eligible for rewards?


It’s a great and exlusive idea.
Do it!

Good idea. It means we will issue a XWING for governance participant.

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yes, and we can use the same lock of wing principle for farming it

Actually it is very good Initiative :+1:

My thoughts about it:

1.we want an incentive scheme for wing holders and also for them to actively participate in governance

  1. at the same time WING token is already used as incentive for those providing liquidity (in a variety of assets)

  2. by using a new super-governance token we can separate between economic incentives (for providing liquidity and getting reward in wing which you can sell if you want)

and governance incentives (by allowing people to stake wing and win voting power, instead of selling them for $)

  1. with such a system we start with voting power expressed by wing
    then in a certain period of time (say 1 month or 3 months) after enough Xwing will be minted by those staking wing, the governance will be shifted from wing to Xwing

  2. this way those investing for future value of wing platform will be able to reap extra benefits by mining xwing and be able to sell them in the future.

  3. for this kind of super-governance coin i think it should have lock times on wing deposit

  4. ont community can receive a share of super-governance (having it s own separate pool to mine a certain portion of xwing)

I worry that this may dilute the value of WING itself. I think it’s a good idea, but the tokenomics and association to WING token itself needs to be very integrated. I think it could be useful to use it like a multiplier on voting power and rewards, primarily. Imagine a supply that is released slowly based on time lock and participation, and that automatically boosts your WING weight when staking.

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I think it could bring more bad stuff than good. Another token that generate new token. Most people will have hard time understanding why we need new token on top of our new released one. I think increased distribution of WING to WING holders should be a better approach.

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  1. ONT protection is key if we want to lock 700M/1B. If we lost ONT value, we lost USD locked value because most of the staked is ONT and probably will be.

And as a reminder:

  • We must not let the work done these years disappear (or overtakes us, like BAND vs LINK) by jumping the DEFI train, forgetting that currently the only platform best positioned for decentralized identity is Ontology but new player are raising. So Andy, as a strategist, don’t lose focus.

  • DAO tokens are run and governed by the community. Not value per se if these two values dosen’t match.

And last reminder, stolen from a ONT dev: “Bring trust to everyone”

there are many options to be honest.

i mean yea you could make it a non-transferable token that will just increase your mining power

so by staking you accrue the non-transferable token

you can t sell it so you don t dillute any value

but the longer you hold stuff you get multiplier to vote power based on your non-trasferrable token

what are your thoughts about protecting/hurting value of ont with wing?

i really hope u guys don’t start a new token with low supply… both will decrease in value… i for one will loose trust in wing…
locking tokens? will exclude a lot of people, coz not everyone invests with money they can afford to lose, a lot of traders trade to get out of poverty for example, or to buy something they can’t afford, or pay bills. we can’t ignore these investors, even if they invest for a short term, a high value of wing will keep them much longer, and the longer they stay, the higher intrest they have in the project, and, the more free ‘mouth-to-mouth’ publicity for wing…

but burning unreleased tokens? would be great!

i suggest to move it as new proposal

Don’t create FUD please, ask question what you want to ask🙂

i am all in for new project but we need wing pool where we can mine wing using wing only

On the same website, you will find. simply add to supply through your wallet.

he asks for separate reward pool for wing deposits

like from 10k total wing released

you make a separate pool of 1-2000 wing for example

and that is distributed only to WING deposits

the other assets share from the other pool

Maybe a separate Proposal for this? It’s not a bad idea.

The only thing I think it needs to change is the tokens to be transferable. If one cannot NEVER sell, what is the point of mining it?

what are your thoughts about protecting/hurting value of ont with wing?

Need to come from ONT Team, why? Because all past statements has been false and they must do things professionally or they will lose the confidence of investors.

Some old statements:

“The new economic model encorages node staking” - ONT Team
False: From 74 nodes to 61 nodes. No encorage for nodes.


“We expect the average number of transactions on the blockchain to increase significantly. Therefore, we will likely see the whole network’s TPS increase from 0.1 TPS to 10 TPS.” - ONT Team

False, less transactions. Improved with WING but thats noot enough

“We expect the network staking rate may increase to 60% and the stock-to-flow will go up close to Bitcoin. It will act as an Ontology-style halving” - ONT Team.

False, less staking, less nodes.Even with WING does not even reach 35%


ONT Team is focus on WING not on ONT

  • Last release was almost 2 months ago.
  • ONT DeID for anothers chains is stopped.
  • ONT support REN Multichain is stopped.