Better use of Wing DAO revenue

We should make better use of Wing DAO revenue besides monthly buy back,
for example ,after monthly buy back, add the remaining revenue to the liquidity of Ontology based DEX(Unifi,Alley and etc).
We can get the following benefits:

  1. Increase the revenue(earn fees and IDO coins) .
  2. Convenient for Wing users to swap assets.
  3. Support community projects and Wing ecosystem.

I think this idea is very good, and I agree with both hands, so that we can exchange stablecoins more conveniently

Wing is a successful project. However, because of its high APY, it absorbs almost all the liquidity. And makes other projects on ontology hard to start.
This is a win-win solution for both sides.

Good idea, WING should help other defi project to grow up.

Go Vote WIP-35, we’re trying to use some WING to provide liquidity to make participating Wing easier.

not only Wing, we also need to be able to exchange other ptokens such as stable coins on Ontology side

yes, Very good idea.

Can also use the unlocked 375K, such as WIP-35, to set up a liquidity fund to provide liquidity and facilitate user to participate in Wing.

Of course, not only should the project party provide it by itself, we can also use the unlocked 375K WING to carry out liquidity mining events to encourage users to provide liquidity.