Borrow interest rate of Stablecoin

In some lending protocol the Borrow interest of stabelcoin cap only 30%. Did kinkpoint model prevent users from using our flashpool?

And ETH BTC APY cap only 15% APY

Borrow interest rate of Stablecoin can be up to 108%. When the utility is 100%.

But its not good for users to borrow stabelcoin while other protocol provide lower interest rate with lower interest cap. In this market, ETH/BTC/etc coin holder want to borrow much Stablecoin with low apy but our project have low liquidity also (this make apy fluc to about 100% and prevent users from using lending)

Suggest interest rate cap:
ETH/BTC: 15%

What I mean is, according to the kink point model, the highest APR of all assets can reach 108% when the utility is equal to 100%. However, due to the sufficient liquidity of stablecoins, Borrow APR is generally very low. It is good for users to borrow stablecoin.