Change ONT Tokeneconomics

I suggest ONT TEAM change the tokeneconomics to benefits ONT (ONTd) holders.

First they changed the promotion rules benefiting WING holders (moon boys crying because the bought after listing binance) instead of ONT holders.

ONT have been fighting for three years and deserve more respect. It is not fair considering that the marketing and developers from WING come from the ONT team.

TLDR: Please, fix the tokeneconomics, and dont lose the trust of investors.

Another thing:

Please don’t lose the confidence and trust of investors supporting projects like ONTOSWAP, just looking at the web it is clear that smell bad; fake twitter accounts, joke github, etc,etc,

I disagree. We should support Wing holders instead of other tokens.

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I disagree with you. Instead use WinDAO resource to contract new developers, marketing, IT resources, etc, outside ONT Team, or lets find a win/win for ONT holders and WING holders.

Partially agree, at least ONT suppliers can borrow other assets

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Removed WIP-04 from title as per the new Proposal Draft submission guidelines - namely to avoid confusion and multiple proposals with the same name.

Thank you for the information about this project that I was checking out and wondering about.