Changing the total supply

Hello all,

The wing team has been fantastic at what they are doing, very innovate and fast moving but there is one thing that many of friends seem to look at when trying to invest, they look at the price and think that its a lot more expensive than ONT for example, while ONT (2$) has a market cap of 2 billion, wing has a smaller amount of 80 million currently. but in the mind of those individuals they regard wing as more expensive.

my suggestion would be to do a proposal that will change the ratio of wing from its current state to a 1:50 or 1:100 with an airdrop to wallets/exchange wallets.

According to WIP-08, it was decided to halve WING’s Final Total Supply to 5 million and adjust WING’s release rate to 60%. At the same time, 500,000 WINGs in the community fund will also be destroyed.

Now we can see that the value of WING has indeed risen.

If the total supply increases, it may reduce the value of WING and cause everyone to sell off, so it needs careful consideration.