Changing WING Collateral Factor up

The assessment of the Collateral Factor Standardization Model as of June 18

Within two months Transactions, Liquidity and Maturity have clearly improved.
Volatility $12 - $25 is not scary at all.
Market Cap is at the same level.
It definitely hasn’t become more centralized.
And the Mechanism is ticking properly.

Every once in a while, assets will be re-evaluated based on the latest data and a reasonable Collateral Factor will be determined.

What is the risk of increasing the Collateral Factor and the Liquidation Bonus for WING? What if there will be another Contract on the ONT Flash Pool for WING with a higher level of collateral (~60%) and the liquidation bonus (~15%)?
WING is a native and unique token on the platform, why can’t WING have more advanced options and opportunities? Holding WING should be more fun!
PS. You can say that the new WING pool will completely take over the liquidity from the old pool. But what if there is a loan stimulus for the old pool? For example, no 3% WING Locked to receive regular WING incentives, if, of course, it is possible to set.
Another cool stimulus is coming. By supplying the new WING pool, you can’t borrow from it, but you can borrow WING from the old one!

The risk is clear that an abnormal high collateral factor will harm the whole pool.

Venus is the biggest lending borrowing platform on BSC. They used to set their token, XVS’s collateral factor to 75%. On May, they got the flash load attack on XVS, and lost $100M. Now they’re gradually reduce the XVS’s collateral factor to 40%.

Clearly, we don’t want to suffer it before we know our collateral factors are too high. Risk is the highest priority and no asset is special.

Such primitive manipulation of prices. The team didn’t monitor the price and didn’t react to the fast growing margin debt against XVS knocking on the ceiling and poking out like Everest. This manipulator should have been left with liquidation, memories of XVS bought at inflated prices and quiet sadness! This lesson is in history and should not be repeated again. They got burned and we are warned.
I look at the WING prices mismatch on different exchanges and DEXs and have manually profited from it several times. Doing it without trading bot is a waste of time.
Is the team interested in creating a WING Market Maker Arbitrage robot? In addition to profit, it will extinguish obvious attempts of manipulation and unjustified price jumps.
One more instrument for WING circulation and usage.
On traditional exchanges, if the price changes by 10-15%, trading is suspended. Trading starts in 15 minutes, but the theoretical price (Oracle price) remains in the specified corridor for derivatives and margins. Clumsy, awkward, inept. But everyone is on alert!
Systematic day and night monitoring of the price and the situation is necessary.
:star:Useful and profitable :star:
PS. I can develop the core, and test the bot. I just need some help with API’s of the exchanges.
Who else can be a more effective MM, besides The Core Team?

The API from exchanges should be public, maybe you can find it. If you need technical support, I can introduce you a technician.

Another question, the WING pairs are in different chains, how to you realize the arbitrage?

We are glad that you have such an innovative idea!

I only need technical support to configure the API, get data from exchanges and place/cancel orders in any programming language that your technician prefers. Binance and OKEx as the first step. After all the necessary modules, libraries are connected, variables are declared I can write a high-speed part of the robot trader in the code body.

Visualization, analytics and remote control, which does not require reaction speed, are good to perform in Excel. Interactive color graphics with control levers, buttons, scrolls, pages, notifications, various sounds, etc. I have a good experience in VBA.

This requires some data exchange between Excel and high-speed modules via a file or API.
This modular system is effective for allocating priorities and allows you to connect blocks and components in the LEGO style. DEX arbitrage would be the next step/module.

PS. I have already made two such similar systems. Options on the Moscow Stock Exchange and Ether/ForkDelta MM robots. The Third, with your help, should become a Masterpiece! :grinning:
I would tell you what miracles and mistakes I have made, but why, if there are probably new and fresh ones ahead?

Lets start with WING/USDT on Binance and OKEx. The goal is to maintain a 50/50 ratio in general and on each account. KSwap can help the bot maintain this ratio in certain moments, or snatch a bargain price of Kswap and adjust the CEXex prices for a quick cover. In addition, there is no particular problems in rebalancing funds between accounts if there is a large disproportion. Deposits and withdrawals take place in a couple of minutes. This time is enough to manage a reasonable spread and size of liquidity providing, not a high-frequency trading or front-running.
Now, the question. How can the bot get the KSwap price? I don’t see the KSwap API. There is an OKLink API where we can read the latest WING/USDT swap transaction and calculate the price. There is also a way to read from the smart contract. Do you know a simple solution?
:scream_cat: And Mein Gott, how suitable is Windows for all this? :scream_cat:
I’m just worried about His Excellency Excel and VBA, in which I have experience.
But, if the trading part of the robot will work on a UNIX server, and data exchange will take place via files in network folders, then management and monitoring can be done from several Windows PCs with different permission levels.
The path to the folders is secret, the robot ignores the file if the special checksum of the files don’t match. The checksum is always needed, there are cases when reading and writing coincide and not the whole file is read, but only a piece. I know these bugs well.
Monitoring the dynamic of assets borrowed against WING and WING borrowed is necessary to prevent price manipulation, as in the case of Venus. This manipulation is extremely dangerous for the manipulator, a sure way to be squeezed into liquidation and lose money.

Please, help me to trade KSwap in node.js I have API WING price from Binance set there.
Oh, I guess, have WING price from Binance and OKEx in EXCEL VBA also!
I just need KSwap connected.
Then SushiSwap! $1000 transaction fee is my Dream! :grinning: