Double allocated rewards for insuring WING

in an effort to attract new users i think increasing insurance rewards would incentivize more wing to be locked up and could drive Lending/borrowing in the process, on the other hand i would like to hear some feed back on this proposal


I agree, because I insure and take risks.

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I disagree with it. The flash pool is a over-collateralized pool where the risk of reimbursement is quite low. In fact, it never happens since the Flash pool launched, which makes the insurance pool almost as safe as staking. Besides, if we allocated more rewards to insurance, the majority of assets which are borrowing and lending would disagree this as well.

you don’t see incentive for attracting users to lock up the wing? apy was consistently around 120% and we had no users back then, could bring in some bigger fish if we get enough collateral.

We have 6M WING locked in insurance pool and 4M WING locked from user borrowing. So different users have different proposes. After all, we are a lending/borrowing platform not an insurance company.