Expansion of WING Team's Business Area

In cooperation with a card company, a WING coin-linked card is produced.

In Korea, physical cards of Ethereum, KLAYTN, and XRP are already sold.

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This is one of the directions to expand the area of ​​WING Coin.

Currently, WING is playing a role as a bank.

In particular, banks are also highly dependent on card fees as non-interest income in addition to interest income.

By expanding the area, for example, you can make a card that can hold real aluminum WING coins.

Therefore, in Korea, issues related to PayPal are talked in a very good direction.

You can tell a more advanced story.

Overseas people are trading in limited ways.
Credit card company is processed by reflecting a lot of fees
Or exchange money and pay a lot of exchange fees

By reflecting the market price of the coin,

For example, it is calculated after price crossing occurs in an instant, such as KRW -> WING -> DOLLER.

I think this is a necessary method in the global era.

This means that there is no need to worry about price fluctuations as the transaction is processed at the moment before the coin price change occurs.

Currently, it is possible to extremely lower the fees of credit card companies in the financial sector.

In the case of the WING team, revenue may be generated due to transaction fees for KRW -> WING -> DOLLER.

Can the WING team take advantage of this?

I do not see the necessity of WING in this business.

Good try!

It is a swap between fiat money.

Existing Fiat Money -> Calculate the exchange rate at the time -> International card brand company fee -> Card company overseas service fee -> Payment

Here is the payment method I am offering.

Fiat money -> Coin exchange rate calculation (sell, buy) transaction -> Fiat money in other countries -> Payment

This provides a low fee that is not compared to the previous fee.

And I think it is effective in preventing fraudulent transactions.

Especially, I feel a lot of discomfort when using my card abroad.

Even now

it’s a very good idea :+1:

Wow its a very Good idea