Farming Angel (ANG)

Looks like WING has finally sort of stabalized! Nice work! I think the supply pool idea to stake WING and reducing rewards definitely helped! That quick thinking really made a difference.

I noticed it took about 3 days to pass that message along about staking. I also noticed investors dumped ONT coin when rewards of WING slowed.

I think now is the time to start cooking! We have a floor price set and now we need to attract new Investors and reward current WING holders.

To eliminate anyone ever selling WING we need to stop WING from being a rewards dump coin. Also to eliminate farmers leaving and dumping WING when WING payouts go down to 5x. There is no loyalty in farming unless the APY % is high.

In doing so we need to release another rewards token with a supply of about 25,000 tokens that WING holders can farm starting on the 24th. Create ANGEL token on ONT blockchain. We don’t have to go with that name but I will use it below as an example.

Rewards structure can be an increasing pay out each week for the supply pool depending on weight.

Step 1

2000 ANG coins rewarded to supply pool during the 24th of september to 1st of october. WIth a release price of 0.092 Sats on Binance or uniswap. This release will send waves through the crypto community. This release will also increase WING price maybe x2 to x3 and that price will hold as you would need WING to farm ANG coin on Wing.Finance in the WING supply pool.

Furthermore WING holders/community will continually remind ANG buyers that supply is only 25,000 and let investors know that they are crazy if they sell a coin that is 25,000 supply.

Step 2

5000 ANG coins rewarded to supply pool from 1st to the 8th. This will continue to hold WING price and create a buzz for Wing.Finance everywhere.

Step 3

7000 ANG coins rewarded to supply pool from 8th to the 15th for the home run

Step 4

To ensure ANG price holds after mining rewards stop. Wing.Finance can distribute the remaining 6000 ANG coins from the 15th of October to the 15th of November in a Supply Vault aka a supply pool from ANG holders to stake their ANG coins.

^Price of ANG should be up much higher than .092 sats a coin. I bet it competes with Yearn price (YFI)

Remaining 5000 ANG coins can be released to a few exchanges, Binance etc.

The goal of this ANG coin is to create a store of value in a Vault and reward early adopters of WING. Capital will need to be provided for this to shake out from the early sellers until ANG coin reaches its full potential price.

ANG coin

2000 ANG first week
5000 ANG second week
7000 ANG third week
6000 ANG distributed for next 4 weeks in supply heaven vault/Hvault


I totally agree with you. We need to bring short term use cases for WING token.