Full Poly Network Integration

Poly Network is comprised of Switcheo (DEX/Derivatives/Leverage/Margin), NEO (Flamingo’s AMM, Perp), ONT (WING’s lending/Borrowing/Credit).

Between the TVL of Flamingo and Wing Finance, there are currently about 1.5B USD worth of assets locked up. However, the benefits of low GAS fees are completely lost to the onboarding and offboarding of users between each action of borrowing/swapping/etc from ERC20. Practically, people must be able to use DeFi without having to onboard and offboard between each action.

Thus, full integration between all of Flamingo’s main assets would allow people to pay 0 Gas after wrapping onto Flamingo and begin using Wing Finance as a lending platform, and Wing users in return would be able to trade their borrowed assets between other assets like BTC/USDT, without ever leaving the Poly Network. This would mean that Wing would support pnWETH, nNEO, pnWBTC, pnUSDT, for instance.

This should also be discussed with Switcheo, as the three are part of Poly Network and interoperability is their goal. Moving borrowed assets to an orderbook DEX with 100x leverage is attractive to many traders, all without any significant Gas fees.

This is obvious to me, and it’s something I’d be shocked that the team isn’t already doing. But I’m raising the proposal now as something I consider top priority.

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Sounds great! Combining WING, Flamingo and Switcheo will make the ecosystem more competitive.

that’s a great idea
please allow flm to integrate into wing finance, be supply and borrow
we will have more members from the flamingo community

I’m bumping this as I still feel like it’s very relevant and also a direct and easy method to increase volume quickly. Essentially, we’re integrating with an automated market maker that costs 0 fees, that we’re already partners with. Why wouldn’t we?