Get WING listed on more accessible exchanges

Kucoin would be really great as distribution would become greater and greater, right now binance is the only option for CEX which restricts who can use it.

Do you have a corresponding business contact information, can you push it to me, we can try to contact. And It’s even better if you know someone.

Generally, money is required to list currency on an exchange, and it is necessary to measure whether the payment and the promotion effect are consistent.

Kucoin is a good choose, WING should launch it ASAP.

Agreed. Kucoin is a brilliant exchange choice. It would depend on the cost of the listing vs. the benefit to the DAO.

Kucoin and Gate! We need those volumes!

Kucoin is now very cautious about listing the coin and basically not listing the new coin. We are continuing to follow up, but their BD response is very slow.

Anyway, we will continue to follow up.

Does anyone else have better suggestions?