Give a 100% APY boost for locking wing for 3mo

What i’m proposing here is a method in which wing would stay locked for extended periods of time in the insurance pool. could have a separate contract which deposits to the insurance pool contract and mints the depositor sWING tokens which unlock in 90 days with a 100% boosted apr. attracting more users with attractive apr is a very common growth tactic and is something we should be chasing at the moment.

Even a boost of just the insure/supply APR would incentivize that growth, but i prefer the latter with more attractive lock ups with added risk for insures.



A 100% APY (like ape_swap) can bring more users

Not just locking, we need more contribution and active of community

Completely agree, i think with ETH vm interoperability we will soon grow.

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It is a good idea, but have one question. Where is the 100% APR from?

High incentives can indeed attract users to participate, but once the incentives are interrupted, users will withdraw.

Fee sharing.

Anyone locking up for 1y or 2y, is entitled to a share of fees.

EDIT - actually, don’t just pay it in WING but as a collection of assets from the relevant pool.

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That great IDEAL ever. Team should consider about

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So, thinking about this.

It actually becomes an important discussion, as at some point all of the WING tokens will have been minted. At that point, where do the insurance rewards come from?

I suggest a 1% charge on the borrow interest rate, which goes directly to people who lock WING for 1 year.

The table below shows the total APR people would receive including the current insurance APR - based on todays rough values. You can see that this would then continue to pay out the insurance providers, even when minting is complete.

The rewards would be paid out as a collection of tokens which have been borrowed. As the TVL and borrow amounts increase, so do the rewards.

FlashPool Total Borrow $ 1% Charge $ WING Insured $/WING APR Ins. APR Total
Ontology 67710000 677100 254703 2.66 29% 32% 61%
Ethereum 2292000 22920 15784 1.45 16% 24% 40%
OEC 693000 6930 2847 2.43 26% 33% 59%
BSC 4715000 47150 15459 3.05 33% 36% 69%

1% Charge $ shoud be on the borrow interest, not Total Borrow, do you think so? If the Average Borrow APR is 10%, then APR should be 1/10 of your estimated APR, Total APR is still low.

I’m actually suggesting we do one of these three things

  1. Charge an extra 1% to borrow
  2. Charge 0.5% extra and take 0.5% from the supply side
  3. Take the full 1% from the supply side

Either way, it would be 1% on the total borrow

I think no need for extra money, just reassign it.

We can have a more complete solution. As metioned in the 2022 Wing Roadmap

“A model with a longer lock-up period to obtain higher returns. Set a lock-up period of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years, with the benefits of different lock-up periods scaling accordingly.”

With this change, the longer the lock-in period, the higher the APR, and the 100% goal you said may be reached.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to draw incentives from Supply and Borrow for the Insurance pool, which reduces the motivation of suppliers and borrowers.