Higher APY for WING Lockups

I’d like to propose a tiered WING holder incentive plan to increase the utility of WING. Models like Celsius and Crypto.com have done rather well because they require people to hold x amount of tokens for higher interest tiers.

For instance:

If you Supply 100 USDC, you earn, let’s say, 5% APY.

However, if you choose to lock up 3% of your Supplied Tokens in WING (separate from Supply Pool and Insurance Pool Wing; these are always liquid and can be withdrawn at any time), you can boost your APY to +3% for a total of 8% APY, for instance. This would apply to all interest rates, including WING rewards. (Numbers are for example–and can be modified based on whatever is logical for incentivizing people to lock up their WING.)

All others would have a reduced APY compared to how it is now.

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Great Idea. It will increase the demand of Wing result to Wing value increase (price increase) then total APY increase then more supply to Wing Platform.