Immediate Proposal Discussion: Significant Reduction of xICHI Collateral Factor

Dear Community,

We’re facing a decision to adjust the xICHI Collateral Factor in the Ethereum Wing Flash Pool due to concerns over its market liquidity and value. Here’s what we propose:

Immediately: Lower the Collateral Factor from 35% to 15%.
Following Week: Reduce the Collateral Factor to 0%.
Why This Change? The market performance of xICHI necessitates a swift response to safeguard our pool’s stability. This decision is aimed at minimizing risks efficiently.

We Need Your Insight:

Are you in agreement with this swift reduction approach?
Any thoughts or alternative strategies you’d like to propose?

Your feedback is crucial in shaping our approach to this situation. We appreciate your prompt attention and responses to ensure we act in the best interest of our community.

Hope we can execute ASAP :grinning:

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A very good proposal. I hope it passes and everyone can make a fortune together. Wing is the best and Wing is the best. Everyone hurry up and buy the dip.

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xICHI’s delisting signals a active approach to risk management. LFGGGGG!!

Nice!I will support, Lower the Collateral Factor should be okay.

Fair idea,let’s do it. It can minimizing the risks.

Cool, nice proposal. Hope it will pass ASAP

LFG :bulb: :rocket:Let’s get to da moon

Should be implement soon, reduce the Collateral Factor pls.

What time should we vote? I would say yes to this proposal.

Support! we should protect the pool and make it more safer. the Collateral Factor should be lower.