Incentives for Wing Holders in Binance

Hello Wingers,

I am holding my 1000+ wings at Binance. If I get any rewards or incentives I will hold up to 1 or 2 years. I am not comfortable moving out my any of crypto assets from Binance.

Like Binance flexible savings / Defi Staking / Fixed Savings would attract more holders.

If we get more holders, wing prices will move up due to the limited supply.

What do you guys think about it?

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I would rather have all the traffic moving to onto(Ontology network defi mobile wallet )instead of binance since that would increase are TVL. Just my 2cents✌️


Not all the investors move to external wallet for incentives.

Who all are not involved much in technical but would like to hold their assets, they choose exchange like binance. so incentives for noob investors is a great idea to get more investors.

Check DAI @

Already there is incentive for wallet hodlers, i am proposing here for binance wing holders.

Essentially the way Binance Flexible Savings would work is that BInance lends its users’ WING on Wing then gives a portion of the interest to Binance WING holders. That would handle Aram’s concern.

However, this isn’t a proposal for us as we don’t decide what Binance does with the WING they custody for their users. This is a matter of the community showing to Binance that there is demand for this.

I think it’s worth exploring further in that regard.

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I agree with you erick, that’s one way looking at it