Increase WING Insure lockup period to 7 days

I think the 3 day lockup model is simply outdated and to generous, i would be comfortable with increasing this to seven days to increase the amount of locked WING at any given time.

This parameter change would likely double total wing locked and likely have a positive impact on wings pricing.


It may also cause users to be unwilling to participate in the insurance pool. I think the lock-up period can be set to 7 days, and if the withdrawal is made within 7 days, a certain handling fee, such as 1%, can be charged.


i really like the idea of charging that extra fee this may be a worthy compromise, but personally i don’t think the 7 day lock up extension would limit participation because most protocols will give you a 2 week lock up period etc. i think ours is over generous at 3d. even with ONT staking you cant undelegate until x # of epochs which totals around 14d + or - give or take.

I agree with you, it is a good idea.

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