Integrate a ONT to WING function into the site

i think it would be very convenient to have a direct swapping function build into the WING Swap interface, somewhat similar to how Flamingo performs swaps. i know this feature exists in ONTO mobile but is not possible to access the dex on web.

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I agree. We all lack a good and profitable way to exchange tokens.

1 Like is very good. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Is this the swap function you are talking about?

I always swap with Cyano Wallet in this page, which is very convenient.

yeah i would like to see an ONTd to WING pair added to but in general i would like our dex product to be much better

I just switch via unifi at the moment, which is easy enough. I don’t really understand why we can’t swap every pair on the wing platform though. Seems like an obvious function to have.


The answer is simple. We are a lending/borrowing project not a dex. We need to be focus now and cooperate with other projects to build the whole eco. Even Aave and Compound didn’t build their own Swap tool at the beginning, they cooperated with third parties to accelerate and polish their main function.

I see plenty of convenience in being able to swap between related assets, this isn’t ethereum there are not many convenient ways to obtain our Poly assets. this is way easier for a new person coming over from other chains.

Currently Unifi has pretty much no liquidity across the tokens we use on WING. I think this really highlights the importance of considering a dex facility actually built on the platform. Relying on a third party causes problems.

Wing team should consider expanding the swap options to provide more options.

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Lets build on terra and simply use Terra Swap :grin::grin: !