It's time for the Big Games!

Inspired by the Jswap BunnyArmy success!
The market is ruled by Games & Excitement.
Why not make Winged Great Games the next step of marketing?
Classic Tetris, Snake, Pacman, Chess and others, with rewards for the best players of the Tournament. The number of attempts equal to the number of WING locked until the end of each Round. The Game Pool getting highest APR by mutual governance or somehow else. Thus, beginners will comprehend and get used to the basics of WING Finance DAO.
Imagine bright, vivid Reports about lucky winners, the size and APR of the Game Funds, other news!

A simplest start is Economic Games. Guess the WING price or TVL for a certain time, guess the Game Pool APR or its size at the end of the Round - win a prize!
Borrow in a Flash Pool, if you don’t like to buy WING. In the Game Pool you will get the highest APR.
This is win-WING-win Games, buddy!

Maybe this is a breakthrough point for development. To attract users to participate in Wing, this game needs to be well designed.

How about a game simulating the WING Flash Pool, but with certain multipliers, so it becomes very fast and dynamic. Supplying/borrowing/insuring have real parameters x10 or x100. The goal is maximum income % at the end of the Round. The winners get prizes according to their game funds.
Game coins are given based on the value of assets interacting in real Flash Pools, inviting candidates or they can be bought.
Step by step, develop all the same functions - swaps, bridging, various expenses and random seconds to wait for “transactions”.
It can all be funny and beautifully decorated. Some clowns make transactions stuck, and the good fairies give them kicks.
The Game can randomly generate high margin debts for liquidations. Just strive for gains, swap, jump and shoot while dealing with the simulation of real obstacles that we all have in reality.
“ETH Network” swaps and bridges take a 5-20% chunk, but this “ETH Galaxy” is quite profitable and slowly changing.
“OKEx Galaxy” is cheap and changing so fast it’s like a dizzy gold rush.
“ONT Galaxy” has many of the most profitable liquidations, but there is no way to swap the weapons fast.
Bombs and grenades USDT, ETH and WING fly into dangerous debts and liquidate them bringing sweet trophies.
BSC is a dark horse, come up with something interesting.
Something like that.
There is a vague idea of funny online protecting of the Insurance Funds in some kind of 8-bit Tetris/Shooter style.
p.s. No, I didn’t smoke anything!