Lets vote on expansion into synthetic assets

From the RoadMap:
Through strategic partnerships with synthetic assets platforms, Wing will be able to, upon evaluation and risk assessment, expand into the lending/borrowing of:
** Synthetic derivatives of publicly-traded company stocks (TSLA, AAPL, MFST).*
** Synthetic derivatives of commodities (gold, silver, oil).*
** Synthetic derivatives of index funds (sDEFI, S&P 500).*

pc. Self-made, without partnerships with synthetic assets platforms. Classic Minter with a market-making robot.

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It will be easy to do multi-cross-trading with the lowest possible spread.

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Totally agree, with the risk assessment model, we can add as many assets as we want under a controllable risk.


MM + Minter pool for managing (+algo_senior_consensus) your own share/collateral for a profit. Built-in auto liquidation.
Managing: BuyPrice. SellPrice. Minter Stability Fee. Liquidation Ratio/Penalty…
Part of the profit would go to the WING burning!
And there should be trading. Leveraged, margined, like Fulcrum.trade


Good idea. It will attract users from other projects to participate in Wing‘s borrowing and supplying.
Go ahead!

Would you like to propose this for veresha? i would vote in favor just not sure if he has the capital free to propose this.

Before we have a proposal, we need to settle down the assets and parameters.

For stocks, we could choose from Synthetix and Mirror assets.

For commodities, I prefer PAXG.

For index funds, I don’t see any successful tokens so far.

It makse sense to add synthetic assets to Wing, which wil attract more users of their ecology to participate in Wing.

I’m worried about the safety of synthetic assets.