Limiting daily distrubing from 5K to 1K till locked assets reached 1B$

We need to focus on getting more users to the platform. Distributing 5100 token is not a problem when you have more than 1B $ of locked assets. Look at compound project. They distribute 2880 tokens daily and the price is at 115$. That‘s because they have 2.5B $ assets.

But we distrubing daily 5100 Wings with 120M locked assets. That’s mean we have;

x20 less locked assets but almost x2 more daily distrubing than compound. This will make wing’s price x40 worse than compound project in future.

I propose that ;

Team open a new vote for community;

A. Stop the daily distribution till 2021

B. Limiting daily distributing from 5K to 1K till locked assets reached 1B $

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If 5m burn vote passes tomorrow, 5K daily distribution is dropped to ~3k daily distribution, what do you think about that.

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Should stop till 2021! Or limited to 1K till locked assets riched 1 Billion $.

3K not effective and enough.


I support you very much

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Register wing on defi pulse . It’ll make wing a bit more recognisable to new users. Will help promote the project.


I agree with you, Sam. If you would like to this project be long term, you need to stop this distribution for a while and inflation. If this free coins selling go on there won’t be a secure harbor anymore. Don’t forget guys reference is important and the customers loss money day by day and they tell this story everywhere. I support this offer. You have to find a permanent solution. There is a gangrened finger and u have to cut it anymore.


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Great offer
Totally agree!

Maybe just stop distribution in this project, this is simply not necessary and everyone will only benefit from this
even buyback and burning will not be needed :slight_smile:

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Stop reward immediately until project achieve decent market cap.
5k to 3k is not a solution, it should be stopped immediately.

Yes, absolutely!

For a trusted project and good future of wings. This is the key proposal.
Thanks for your supports.



Wing just go to the market. There is no point in keeping them if they sink. We need to stop printing new ones at least for a while. And figure out how to increase their usefulness.

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I personally have a bit of objection. It is true that the price increases as the amount of mining decreases.
However, it is supply and demand that determine the price of the market.
I think it is necessary to present versatility to create demand in this market. For example, a method of listing on many exchanges so that you can trade on more exchanges, or presenting the Wing Coin staking service to be available within the exchanges where Wing Coin is listed.
And I think we should be able to stake various coins.

stupidly printing coins without tying them to Wing DAO Revenue. Either we indicate a fixed value of the coin and we divide the collected Wing DAO Revenue in proportion to who has mined how much, or the price of the wings will always decrease and there is no point in holding it

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Guys I don’t say that till FOREVER!! Till 2021 stop completely or 1K daily distributing till we hit 1B$ locked assets.

After again we can return to back. When wing more dedicated!

So please read my proposal carefully. I don’t say that lets stop till forever all distributing.


Stop it until decent market cap , atleast in top 200


Exposure to inflation in this turbulent season offers nothing but damage to the wing. You should stop the inflationary token distribution until at least 2021. If demand rises and supply falls, price rises.

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Defi Pulse is unfortunately ETH only Defi projects. I’d love to see it there, too, but right now they don’t support other chains.

Why is wing not listed on the defi page of coinmarketcap and coingecko?

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If my propasal passes from voting, wing will be more dedicated and take invester’s attention so easly.

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What you meant unless flagged?

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Im just deleted it myself.