Listing of Wing tokens in kucoin Exchange

hi. Due to the new restrictions that Binance has set for different countries. A large number of traders around the world in the Middle East have been drawn to the kucoin Exchange, and this is the best opportunity for Wing to be listed there and be able to raise more capital. From October 1, more than 2 million Iranians will no longer be able to operate in Binance, and most will go to the kucoin Exchange, which will be a great opportunity for Wing.

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I do not think Iranians should be focused on here as that brings in some legal concerns, however Kucoin is a great place for wing to be more liquid would also give more unhindered access, just hope Kucoins listing procedures are reasonable.

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i recently had a few chats with people about a kucoin listing i think its a very good idea.

Hi, do you have a corresponding business contact information, can you push it to me, we can try to contact.

hi. yes . you need only search : bersipa in google

It is bersipa, not Kucoin, is it your channel?