Lock up assets of wing in insurance

We should have a lock up periods of wing asset in insurance for increments of 1, 3,6,9,12 months.Release of rewards should be justified in the order of time you lock your wings in insurance .This will encourage more users to hold the asset then dump wings on the market.


Really good idea, and the longer you lock the higher the apy .

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The longer time the higher reward. It’s just like WING staking but with a little bit risk.

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I think this is necessary. The longer time the higher reward, then the circulation of WING on the market will decrease, which will increase the value of WING. We should set different distribution coefficients for different periods as follows:

period/month Period distribution coefficient
1 1.5
3 2
6 2.5
12 3
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I totally agree with what @Chris said, hurry up and get online.

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It sounds like a plan!

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It’s great that those who choose to lock up WING with positive expectation will be rewarded.

I agree that locking WING shall be rewarded.

Your plan is great. We discussed your idea with dev team. Unfortunately, it’s hard to realize because it cost too many calculation steps and it would increase the ONG cost above the limit. We’re trying to figure out an easier way for long-term insurance suppliers.