Locked and increase

Evening everyone.

My proposal for the next wing vote -

I propose that we double our yearly rewards for this year only to 10,000 daily (increase from 5,000 daily) and I propose that the rewards will be locked for a total of one year, from the day they stake. This ensures that wing is a go to project for high returns and also keeps the price stable for the next year. Other projects like Kava are doing the same and seeing there TVL increase substantially everyday. I believe this would take Wing well over the 1b TVL. As well as further stabilising the project as one of the highest rewarding platforms.

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It makes sense in a way… I support the idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree on the year long stake. I’ve made a similar proposal advocating for this recently.

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Yes, please ! That’s something which may have positive impact on the future development!

I think increasing the daily is not necessary, and it would only confuse people who saw it decrease from 10k daily. But the 1 year vesting is definitely a good idea.