Lots of wing being burnt

Why is so much wing token being burnt? I understand it will add value to the token in the long run but I think it would be a good opportunity to give extra rewards to supply side or even a airdrop type event to all onto wallets or wing holders once a month.
So everyone gets a equal amount and it’s not taken by whales.
Seems like simply burning the tokens is a bit of a waste and distributing them evenly across the platform seems a more productive way of using them.
If people don’t use the wallet again the the wing are essentially burnt anyway.

Yeah i agree, distribute a part of the fees directly in the original form, or like right now buyback in wing and then distribute to wing holder. If we do that we have to lock an amount of wing, for reward the believer and long term supporter and not the opportunist.

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I hope the team think about something along these lines, I don’t think the token burns do much to bring in new investors but a monthly reward or extra supply reward or even to supplement borrow apr. Just seems like burning it is a waste at a time when bringing in more $ to the platform should be main aim right now imo.

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Yes!!! That good for price up