Lowering the high APY reward of stablecoins

Until now, I think that

the price of Wingcoin has been falling

due to the high APY of stable stablecoins.

But no one has discussed this.

I think it is necessary to reduce the APY of stable coins and increase the APY of liquidity coins such as UNI, NEO, ONT, and WING.

This means that the stablecoin must maintain at least 1/3 or 1/5 of the liquid coin’s APY.

I want to hear from you.

I think we should remove all wing rewards to stablecoin borrowers, personally. Maybe even suppliers.

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What I’m talking about is the wing APY of the stablecoin. The APY of the simple stablecoin itself is reasonable. Thanks for the comments.

This is also what I’m talking about. Agreed.

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We have 2 similar proposals here, so I’m combining this one to [here] (Skew WING APY Rewards Towards WING) and closing this topic.

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