Monthly revenue/Wing buyback

I think the monthly revenue could be used much better then a buyback and burn. Seems other platforms are going the way of “fee sharing”, and it seems to be popular. Why not drop the revenue straight to the users? Or add it to Wing reward APY? I imagine most users would just compound it back in anyway!?
Even put it into some sort of marketing budget or something!
Feel like we are missing a chance to get some much needed interest in the platform, almost nobody on twitter talks about it I’ve looked and tweeted a few times the market seems saturated at the moment.
Any one else think similar?


Not entirely.

Repurchase destruction can increase the scarcity of coins, thereby increasing the revenue of coin holders.

In fact, we can take part of the buyback proportion to distribute to the coin holders as an extra reward.

I feel like the bigger the APY rates, the more the project will get onto people’s radar as for many people it’s the main discriminant when it comes to choosing where to stack your liquidity. Being in the top 5 grants the project a spot in most of the hundreds of videos and post shillling staking platforms. which would definitely give it some traction

I’m not sure the high APY is so much of a factor, I use ontology because I trust the platform and the gas fees are low. (I don’t trust the high APY vapourware coins) not mentioning any names.

This money could be used to give us some liquidity to swap ONTd to pusdt pdai etc,and give us some options to avoid ETH.

As much as I would like just to get it as a bonus payout each month it could be put to better use within the platform.