New token rising from Wing

Guys I know it is crazy but hear me out. I propose a new token which will rise from Wing. It would be a token competitor to yfi and yfi 2 its name would be $Forward. When wings circulating supply reaches 1 million forward would be air dropped to Wing holder in the ratio of 1:30 . That would give it a total supply of forward to be 333333 almost as much as yfi and yfii. It would an expansion by Wing and Ontology team and would a Yfi competitor on Ontology. We would have more Defi power I. Ontology ecosystem. It would have a max supply of around 333333 almost like Yearn finance. Which can never be increased.


If we are creating such a new Token what would be its usecase, how are we going to handle it will be the next question?

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It will be used exactly like Yfi. Searching for the best platform.

Vault system is also a great one to use with new token.

I am looking forward

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Yes man it would be so much better for the ecosystem as whole and being on Ontology would be an advantage.

Wow, this will help increase the price of wing :heart_eyes:

Also we would compete against the biggest defi coins . Yfi with the new token and Wing will compete with Compound. We can’t become Apple of Defi but we sure would become Samsung.

Don’t forget to like it. Only then it would go into voting.

As I understand this, you are suggesting that WING become an interest bearing project as well, a vault system very similar to Wing’s partner Flamingo. I would prefer to focus on the current project and executing it well rather than splitting attention and also competing with an ecosystem partner. I don’t otherwise see any value in the new token as yearn’s token is also a governance token, thus, wing itself would be enough.

Otherwise, this may come across as a scam and dilution of Wing’s already small community.

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New token will follow new token. No meaning at all. Do good job for WING first. Thanks