Ontology Flash Pool Operations and Interest Rate Adjustments

As part of our commitment to transparency and community involvement, we’re sharing an important update regarding the Ontology Flash Pool and seeking your feedback.

Due to ongoing operational challenges and financial losses in the Ontology Flash Pool, we’ve conducted a thorough evaluation of its sustainability and impact on our broader ecosystem. Our findings indicate a pressing need to reconsider our strategy to ensure the financial health and stability of our platform.

Proposal Summary:
We’re considering a two-pronged approach to address these issues:

Complete Suspension of Ontology Flash Pool Functions: To stop the financial losses immediately.

Setting Lending Interest Rates to 0%: This aims to alleviate the impact on our community and maintain a stable environment during this transition.

Why This Matters:
The continuous operational losses have made it clear that immediate action is necessary to:

Prevent further financial strain on the platform.
Preserve the trust and security our community places in us.

Strategically reassess and reallocate resources for future growth.

Proposal Details:

The proposed changes would take effect immediately upon community approval.
We plan to conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluations to ensure these measures serve their intended purpose and to adjust our approach as needed.

Engagement and Voting:
Before moving to an official vote, we want to hear from you:

What are your thoughts on the proposed suspension and interest rate adjustments?
Do you have any concerns or alternative suggestions that could help us navigate this situation more effectively?

Looking Forward:
This proposal is made with the best interests of our community at heart. Your insights, feedback, and active participation are crucial as we navigate these challenging times together. We’re committed to taking proactive steps to safeguard the financial stability of our platform and to continue serving our community effectively.

Share Your Thoughts:
We encourage everyone to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. Your input will play a vital role in shaping the final decision on this matter.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being an active part of the Wing Finance journey.

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Hope we could execute soon :grinning:

A very good proposal. I hope it passes and everyone can make a fortune together.

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Nice proposal. I hope it passes and the project will be better.

Agree! aimed to stop the financial losses, you guys have to do this.

Look good to me. this will make wing better

seems like a good solution to me

Looks promising!! cannot wait

Sound fair, I would say that this is good direction.

We are facing the financial losses, control the risk is very important.
Just shut down the rate of lending interest pls.

Useful proposal. it could be discussed and then passes.

We should revoke all interest from BTC suppliers. These profit damging Wing protocol

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Please check you message. I want to disscuss private

Hello, your proposal is not detailed and the matter is not explained at all. After the pool is suspended, what are the follow-up plans? Will it be suspended indefinitely?

Hello, we were banned by the administrator for sending a link in wing group. Can’t send text now. I have ideas about today’s two proposals, but I can’t communicate with you. Do you think there are channels for communication?

We have a lot of wings in our hands. If we can’t communicate effectively, we will vote against it.

very good。
I agree with you!

Great decision! Ontology pool users must suffer for their carelessness. Will you donate our share of wing incentive distribution to Polynetwork for their great job?

Where did you send?Telegram dm or forum inbox?

Hello Lcux, at this point, pls feel free to dm our group admin @WingFinance.