Polkadot for lending , borrowing and collateral

Since Ontology partnered up with Polkadot and its member projects like Patract Labs, for devoloping smart contract for the parachain on polkadot . Polkadot will bring allot of liquidity to wing platform.

We had same proposal 2 months ago. Here
I think we should check the possibility of cross-chain from/to polkadot and supporting DOT which would make great progress to both chains

Thanks Cedric, just can’t wait for more cross chain swaps on Onto.:smiley:

Agreed. Polkadot currently has 2 projects I believe that are targeting lending/borrowing, and for us to frontrun them with a finished product could be significant.

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I think we need to absorbs all of those project will they are still young it would make us the only one so higher price

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I checked with tech team, they say Polkadot will test parachain on testnet next week. After that they could set the structure of cross chain. It could take half a year for them to stabilize all the related smart contracts even though Polkadot team are efficient. So it can’t be realize soon but we will keep following this and try to be the first cross chain project supporting DOT

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