List polkadot for lending and barrowing and using as collateral

By having Polkadot in platform this will supply additional liquidity and also bring more users…By having option to collateral Polkadot this will emphasis the risk for taking a loan in many faucets which one way is by bringing your margin % down on a loan …

I believe ONT team haven’t realized the cross chain with polkadot. but we can still discuss that and accelerate the cross chain process

Good direction.

But Polkadot ecosystem is heated internally, which means transferring DOTs out is kind of a problem.

ONT is already an ecosystem partner on the substrate page, on the polkadot websites–so this is a wrong statement.

Well, there’s still something need to be done before DOT is supported. Announce partnership is one thing, make things work is another. But I don’t think we’ll wait for a long time :joy:

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