Pool Wing token always empty

For several weeks I have wanted to withdraw part of my Wing tokens, the withdrawal and still impossible, the counter indicates 0.
How do I get my wing tokens back ?

I did not know before depositing my chips that I would not be able to withdraw them !

I have a large amount of Wing Tokens, this Pool is very worrying.
Is there any assistance from Wing finance ?
I send a lot of message on twitter never reply.

It is in the documentation and the warning when you supply. Literally, the entire point of supplying is to allow others to borrow. If the entire pool is borrowed (as it has been) then you cannot withdraw your tokens.

Unfortunately, it seems like you added to supply without reading what you were doing. I would suggest going to the website, or reading the pinned post, to understand what Wing Finance is.

Thanks for your answer, my question how long should I wait to review my Wing Tokens?

It depends when people return what they borrowed. I can’t tell you that because I don’t know when people return their borrowed assets.

You could keep watching the liquidity. Someone in the community withdrawn 1000+ WINGs yesterday.
Meanwhile, you can support this which will punish the borrower at high utility

Wing tokens withdrawal is more like a battle, so many people are waiting for the wing tokens to return?
One cause of this method which resembles breadcrumb fishing.
I would no longer bet on wing, I understood my mistake.

After the Kink point was online, the WING liquidity problem was solved quite well.