Proposal Discussion: Suspend NFT Pool Operations

Proposal Overview:
We’re proposing to temporarily suspend the NFT Pool operations due to its limited usage, aiming to focus on enhancing Wing Finance’s overall project recovery.

Key Proposal Points:
Operations Suspension: Halt all NFT Pool functions, including supply, borrow, insure, and downpayment functionalities.
Claiming Assets: Users will still be able to claim supplied ETHs, NFTs, and insured WINGs.
Downpayment Functionality: This will also be paused as part of the suspension.

Why This Proposal:
The proposal aims to streamline our focus and resources towards areas with greater user engagement and value for our community, contributing to Wing Finance’s strategic recovery efforts.

Your Input Needed:
Your thoughts on pausing the NFT Pool?
Any suggestions or concerns regarding this approach?

This is a strategic decision, and your feedback is crucial. We’re looking to gather community insights before making any final decisions.

We believe this suspension is a necessary step in our ongoing efforts to enhance Wing Finance. Please share your views and help us shape the future of our platform.

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Hope we could execute soon :grinning: :grinning:

Great gob, this is a great community and a great team, they are so cool, support support support

good to hear this!!!
Let’s wait and see surprise happen!

Let’s do it! NFT pool is risky cos the NFT price is going up and down and not stable. That’s good to subspend it.

It’s important to know which should we do. Close is better option.

When the BTC price rise up, user won’t pay it back after he supply NFT to borrow BTC. You must control the risk.

We need to push the team close NFT pool soon, I didn’t see any profitable point.

I would say, we should do it earlier.

Good to hear this, let’s do it!

Great. NFTs are dead.