Proposals and Reporting

Following some interesting discussions on Telegram around the marketing budget spending, I though it would be interesting to have a place to fully discuss some of the ideas.

Opening thoughts:

Should a proposal such as WIP-39 have contained more information? It stated:

“Please note, if the vote is passed, the 50k WING will be designated for marketing initiatives and transferred to the Marketing Fund address. The Wing marketing team will arrange how it will be spent and continue to publish a marketing report on the allocation of funds each month. Any unused funds will roll over to the next month.”

But an argument could be made that it would be more useful to have a marketing campaign available for inspection before the vote. Not only for transparency, but actually it invites more participation and potentially more creative ideas.

Further to this, could reporting also be more transparent. July’s report on marketing states:

" 8. Wing DAO Marketing Fund*

Wing DAO spending summary for July:

  • Community: 450.62 WING
  • Media: 1,800.89 WING
  • Campaign: 4,001 WING
  • Translations: 600 WING
  • MKT Materials Production: 800 WING
  • Total: 7,652.51 WING "

Which doesn’t really detail what has been done. This could go further and provide an assessment of the impact of the marketing.

So, my general point is: Should we be providing more information both before and after the voting process?

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Yes, more transparency is needed.

Also, what happened with the launch WING version on BSC

Since the 50k WING was allocated to marketing, the only true marketing/advertising objective I have seen is a Cointelegraph sponsored article ( these run around ~$1000 )

The proposal was outlined in such a way to make it sound like it would be follow a similar path as the previous successful campaign(Influencers, youtubers, media, etc) but was mostly used for liquidity mining rewards, which doesn’t fall under the category of marketing expenditures in my opinion.

Aside from coddling the marketing team, and holding their hand while they blatantly misappropriate marketing, what can the community do to ensure future proposals are carried out effectively?