Questioning Erick Pinos capability to run marketing for Wing

I was on twitter today. All I see is posting scam messages. All connecting to Eric Pinos himself. He makes unreasonable claims like I hope wing goes to 1 dollar sort of comments. And many more like that. Please see it yourself on twitter page. I believe he does not fit for this position. I recommend removing him and assigning somebody else more capable of building and repairing tarnishing wing’s image.

We have received your suggestions and thank you for your support of the Wing project.
Recently, Erick has been under too much pressure because of the negative emotions in the community caused by price fluctuations, which caused him to say some irrational words. He apologized for this as well.
It’s not a proper proposal to discuss here since Erick is not paid by Wing community fund.
So the post is closed.

Hi arcon,

I won’t lie to you and pretend things are moon and lambos when they are not.

My comments on WING’s price trajectory were reflecting WING’s current state of unsustainable yield farming.

I understand my comments were scary to some WING holders but my comments served to kick the team into high gear to understand the severity of the situation and to help prioritize important proposals I put forth to improve the tokenomics and utility of the token on the platform.

Thus, I believe we are in a better place now than before. As I posted in the telegram yesterday, I apologized for that comment already.

Regarding the spam comments on Twitter, yes those are issue. If you and other community members could help report the spam comments, that would be much appreciated.

We would like to address all legitimate concerns but it should also be acknowledge that there has been a coordinated spam FUD campaign against Wing.

A troll has told us that they command dozens of fake telegram and Twitter accounts and would use them to constantly spam FUD on Wing. We have identified many Accounts belonging to the same person, but there Are still many more accounts out there spamming such FUD.

I’ve reopened this topic. If anyone has legitimate concerns against my leadership as an advisor, I want to hear it to know where to improve.

Please be positive for the project and never speak a negative thing for the same. You are the leading person. If you say negative this it’s really bad for the project.

According to Erick’s willing, I moved this topic to general chat.

It is good that you are open for criticism. Since you represent the face of wing , whatever you write or comment on indirectly affect us. Since the beginning I have invested into this project .However this project is causing heavy toll on investors budget. My personal expectation from you is to be very careful with social media and address this people on twitter openly. And yes price of a wing token is also very important for this project to succeed as well. Last vote on Wing token’s max supply issue was questionable. last moment 10k vote towards keeping 10 million supply(with your comment quoted on the voting option itself) was not honest to some people including myself. "CedricD should not close the topic created by investors. nobody in the right mind will start a subject that is not beneficial to investment itself.

Thank you. I had not known that the perception of me had become as the face of Wing, since my official role is still just an advisor. I will be more careful and thoughtful of what I say and my plans on how to improve Wing.


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