Reduced Wrapping Fees for WING holders

The wrapping fees on here make me sad:(, but WING makes me happy:). A reduced wrapping fee for holding a proportional amount of WING to what is being wrapped should incentivize more people to be use the platform while also incentivizing holding on to WING as well. If someone is wrapping $1000 WBTC to pWBTC and they hold $50 in wing(not insured/supplied in this example) they should get a reduced fee that is calculated with the $1000 and $50, I ofc have no actual capacity to proposing anything specific as I am not aware of technicalities and am a newbie. This would reduce revenues in the short term although I’m going to make the speculation that any positives from this proposal would be reflected in the price of WING and the Total Amount Supplied. WING going up is always good, and TVL increasing is good but more so in the long term. Bare in mind I’m assuming WING profits from wrapping fees and that they have a capacity to manipulate these fees, I’m not totally sure if this is the case as the wrapper is exposed to the fluctuations of Ethereum gas fees, but that fee isn’t totally going to the eth network is it? Its small technicalities that make not want to post this and seem silly but I will anyways.
Would like to know what you think thanks.

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This is an interesting idea. I like the core of it.

I would personally like the idea of platform fees being used to decrease wrapping/unwrapping costs if the WING perhaps is staked. ie, 10 Wing staked will result in 10% less wrapping fees, up to 100% wrapping fees covered at 100 WING staked.

I would suggest that it be separate from insurance/supply pools, and you must lock up x amount of time to get the reduced wrapping/unwrapping fees.

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